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Community Health Assessment Update

  • Overview of 2012-2015 Goals

Overview of 2012-2015 Goals

Rutland Regional Medical Center began performing community health assessments in 1996, to identify and prioritize the health needs of the hospital service area’s constituents to help guide the planning of hospital programming.  The process, both then and now, takes into consideration available data reports on health indicators and combines this information with input from community members and leaders. 

In considering the health of a community, we must take into consideration the influence of environment, access to healthcare, lifestyle choices, and socioeconomic factors and the effect they have individually and collectively on health status of our community. Health services – medical, mental and dental, must be available and utilized, and they must be supported by a culture that embraces healthy lifestyle, good choices for health and behavior and encouragement of a positive quality of life.

As a result of this assessment process, completed in 2012, the oversight committee recommends that the community focus on the following priority issues:

  • Reduce substance use, including tobacco and alcohol
  • Improve access to and availability of health care – medical, dental, mental health and substance abuse
  • Improve chronic health care delivery and supports
  • Promote a culture to embrace exercise and healthy eating

It is both our hope and our expectation that the information presented in this report will be used across the community by individuals and organizations to help guide strategic planning initiatives and collaborations toward the development of new community programs to promote and improve the health status of our community.

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For more information, contact Kathryn Burger, Data Coordinator and Administrative Assistant by phone at 802.773.9888, ext. 10 or by email.    

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