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Published on March 27, 2013


Jennifer Cyr Tinsman, PA-CRutland Digestive Services is pleased to add certified Physician Assistant Jennifer Cyr Tinsman to their exceptional staff. Ms. Cyr Tinsman is currently accepting new patients, and will be assisting the team of gastroenterologists with diagnostic and treatment services for digestive conditions, with a focus on Endoscopy.

Prior to joining Rutland Digestive Services, Ms. Cyr Tinsman practiced internal medicine, emergency medicine, family medicine and has treated patients for 18 years. She is very excited about her new field of medicine because it will enable her to lend her style of practice as an educator as well as a caretaker to a specialty. Ms. Cyr Tinsman likes to take a team approach to medicine. “I think of myself as the leader and coach instead of a dictator.” She believes patients will be more invested in their health and healthcare if they help to make decisions along the way. She would like to help them learn how they can better take care of themselves through prevention and education. Encouraging them to make and adhere to certain lifestyle changes that may minimize the amount of medications they currently take.  Patients are well-informed these days and have a large amount of information available to them.  However, well informed does not equal well educated. She also expresses the importance of understanding how medications can interact with each other, foods, and supplements.  Ms. Cyr Tinsman sums it up by saying, “There is a myth that if something is over the counter it must be safe.”

 A native Vermonter, Ms. Cyr Tinsman grew up in Clarendon and served in the US Navy where she met her husband. They now reside in Pittsford with their two sons. She is very active in the community through her support of the Rutland Recreation and Parks Department, President of her local PTO, and  as a member of the “Ladies of Harley” group that rides for charity.

 To view Jennifer Cyr Tinsman’s profile please search by name under Find A Doctor. For more information about Rutland Digestive Services please call 802.786.1400 or visit their page on this site.

Rutland Regional Medical Center
160 Allen Street
Rutland, VT 05701

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