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Registration is closed for 2015. Please check back summer of 2017

Patient & Family Advisory Council

Join Our Council
We’re looking for community members to join our Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC). As a member, you’ll provide our healthcare team with advice and feedback that shape and enhance the future of the patient and family experience at Rutland Regional.

Our Goals
Our goal is to incorporate the voice of our patients and their families in the important decisions we make to provide excellent care. We will accomplish this by:

  • Creating a partnership with patients, family members and the healthcare team;
  • Enhancing ongoing collaboration and cooperation among the healthcare team and patients by discussing patients’ needs and concerns;
  • Participating in development and planning of patient and family satisfaction initiatives;
  • Enhancing the relationship between the hospital and the community

Who Should Join the Council?
We are seeking community members who will help us achieve our goals by creating an environment where patients, families, clinicians, and hospital staff all work together as partners to improve the quality and safety of hospital care. 

Membership consideration is based on:

  • Recent experience at the hospital (within the past two years)
  • Ability to prepare for and attend regularly scheduled meetings
  • Share experiences and provide honest feedback
  • Work as a team and respect the perspective of others

What is the Time Commitment?

  • Participation in monthly meetings (approx. one to two hours)
  • Attendance at a PFAC Orientation Meeting
  • Opportunity to engage in additional work outside the meetings for program development or sub-committees

How Can I Join?
Registration is closed for 2015. Please check back summer of 2016.

phoneCall 802.775.7111 for more information about a service or to make an appointment.

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