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Construction Updates

Starting Monday, December 9 — Compressed Natural Gas Project

Starting Monday, December 9, Rutland Regional Medical Center will be breaking ground for the Compressed Natural Gas Project. This work will take place on the southeast side of the secured parking area next to the Power Plant. About 20 parking spaces will be impacted. Please do not park in this area during this time. Thank you for your cooperation!

November 8 (Ongoing for 2-3 Weeks) — Chimney Project

Starting Friday, November 8, equipment and staging will arrive to begin work to remove the cap off the hospital chimney and take the chimney down to the 5th floor level. The Zero Sort recycling container will be temporarily replaced with another container, which will be located in the parking lot across the delivery entrance driveway. Environmental Services staff will need to access it from both sides; therefore, parking spots will be blocked off. Traffic through the delivery entrance during this project needs to proceed slowly and with caution due to the crane, staging, deliveries, recycling and other activity. The chimney project duration is two-three weeks, depending on weather. Thank you for your cooperation! 

October 28-30, 2013 — Stratton Road Entrance Closure

The Stratton Road entrance will be partially closed on the west side, and the DI construction area drop-off closest to the door will be closed beginning on Monday, October 28 for 2-3 days (10/28-10/30) to finish excavation, drainage and sidewalk work. It is our intention to keep the second lane of traffic open to allow The Bus to pass, and for patients to be dropped off. Parking within the circle, as well as pedestrian traffic, will continue as normal. Thank you for your cooperation as we continue construction on this important project! 

October 11, 2013 — “Idle Reduction” Grant Project

Rutland Regional Medical Center's Facilities team is working on a partially funded grant project called “Idle Reduction”, designed to reduce ambulance emissions. There will be three idle reduction stations located outside the ambulance garage area, which means the existing fencing on the east side of the ambulance garage must be relocated, and a retaining wall erected to support the new Idle Reduction Stations. Therefore, curbing, a retaining wall, and fencing have to be built.

Excavation and construction on the West Side of Stratton Road will begin on October 11 and last for approximately one week. The circle will be closed to vehicle traffic most of this time (it will reopen following construction), but the area will remain open to foot traffic.

We understand that this is an inconvenience, but it is work that is necessary, and these areas will open up again as soon as possible. Security will be doing additional monitoring of the area to ensure that everyone is safe. Thank you for your cooperation.

October 7, 2013 — The Loop, Exercise and Walking Trail, Under Renovation

The Loop, Rutland Regional Medical Center's exercise and walking trail (located beyond the employee parking lot) is being refurbished. The old exercise stations have been taken down and the new exercise stations are on-site and are scheduled for installation this week. The walking path is also scheduled to be repaved this fall. We hope you enjoy the improvements being made to The Loop!

August 22, 2013 — Stratton Road Parking Lot Sections Closed for Line Striping

On Thursday, August 22 Line Striping will be underway in the following areas: Stratton Road Visitors Lot; Stratton Road Handicap Lot; ED Side Lot (facing boiler plant); and Miscellaneous ED Hash Marks and Pedestrian Walkway.

Security will be on hand assisting traffic flow ,and as soon as the striping is dry, these areas will be reopened for parking. Please note: Rain Date is scheduled for Friday, August 23 2013.

August 14, 2013 — Stratton Road Entrance Work

To accommodate installation of a new air handler on the roof of the DI Core Project, a crane will be arriving on Wednesday, August 14 at 12noon and placed outside the Stratton Road entrance. A Security Officer will be in place at the Stratton Road entrance starting at 12noon for approximately 3-4 hours to assist with traffic flow. Please use caution if using this entrance while the crane is in operation.

August 12, 2013 — The Allen Street Entrance Will Be Closed to Vehicle Traffic

Please be advised that the Allen Street circle entrance will be closed to vehicle traffic on Monday, August 12 from approximately 3am-10am while a crane lifts material onto the roof for the STO repairs. The entrance will be open to pedestrian traffic except when the crane is swinging material up over the entrance. Security will be present during these hours to assist patients, visitors and staff using the Allen Street circle entrance. 

July 18, 2013 — Stratton Road Entrance Repair Work

At around 11am today, a crane will be stationed at the Stratton Road entrance to lift equipment up onto the roof of the Medical Center. The crane will be in place for approximately 3 hours. There will be assistance with all traffic control, including pedestrian. We apologize to our patients and visitors who are using the Stratton Road entrance today for any inconvenience.

July 15, 2013 — Allen Street Outpatient Services Entrance Repair

For approximately the next two weeks, a “boom truck” will be stationed just to the right of the Outpatient Rehab Services Entrance. This truck is needed for repair work on the bricks.  

Allen Street Striping
July 9, 2013 — Allen Street Parking Lot Closed on Tuesday, July 9

On Tuesday, July 9, Line Striping will be underway in the Rutland Regional Allen Street Parking Lot, 5am-12noon. 

Security will be on hand to help direct traffic to the Stratton Road side for parking. Volunteers will be available to help direct Patients and Visitors to their destinations.  

Exterior Construction-June 12, 2013
June 12, 2013 — Visitor Entrance at Stratton Road 

Tomorrow, June 13, at 7am, a crane will be on-site erecting steel for the new Diagnostic Imaging Construction Project, starting by the Visitor Entrance at Stratton Road. 

Starting tonight, the driveways that lead under the canopy and all parking spaces within the driveway area will be blocked off. The only access to this area will be via the sidewalk on the east side (nearest Stratton Road). Rutland Regional Medical Center Security staff will be directing foot traffic from the Stratton Road parking lots and from the Stratton Road internal entrance. Please remember that when the crane is lifting the steel up and over the area, there can be no foot traffic under it.

The Bus has been notified and will be picking up people near the Stratton Road parking lots. For your safety, you may be directed to wait inside until the crane and pieces of steel are cleared. 

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to make improvements in our service to you.

June 10, 2013 — Lab Draw Station and Patient Access Update

Starting tonight at 5:30pm, the existing Lab Draw Waiting Room and Check-In area on the First Floor (Main Street) of Rutland Regional Medical Center will close, and reopen the morning of Tuesday, June 11 in a location next to the Information Desk, 1st Floor, Rutland Regional Medical Center.

Laboratory Services staff will check-in patients at this new location, and oversee the temporary waiting space across the hall near the Operating Room elevator. Patients will access the Lab through the back door of the existing space. Staff will be available to assist patients and their family during this transition. If you have any questions, please contact the Lab directly at 802.747.1771.

May 22, 2013 — Blood Draw Station, Diagnostic Imaging & Registration

The area of our Blood Draw Lab at the hospital has begun construction to make visits easier for patients and their families. Once complete, Lab, Registration and Diagnostic Imaging will have a centralized check-in and waiting area for improved customer service.

The Lab at the hospital continues to remain open Monday through Friday, 7am-6pm and Saturday, 8am-12noon. We also offer 5 other convenient locations for your convenience – visit the Locations page.

This new addition will house the new entrance, and reception and waiting areas for the diagnostic imaging department and lab. The new entrance will be close to the covered entrance and parking. The new waiting area will have increased capacity to accommodate patients and their families: private check-in, ADA compliant male and female changing rooms, washrooms, as well as access to educational space.

The renovation of the existing five rooms will accommodate the space requirements for the digital equipment, reorganize space to improve patient flow and functionality, will be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and code compliant, and create more efficient work space for staff. Existing patient changing rooms will be reconfigured to be more private and ADA compliant, and additional lockers will be added.

Facility infrastructure supporting this portion of the building will be upgraded with new rooftop mechanical systems, renovated electrical, phone and data infrastructure, and new nurse call systems. All corridor flooring will also be replaced.

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