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During Your Stay

At Rutland Regional Medical Center, your comfort and satisfaction are our number one priority. Our physicians, nurses and staff work together as a team. Our promise to you is to listen, respect, and to care...always.

Your Role in Your Care

We welcome you as an active participant in your care. Our team approach to successful medical treatment requires a commitment from every physician, nurse, specialist, and support staff member on board, but to maintain our standard of excellence, we also need you.

There are several areas within which we value your input and attention:

Patient Safety

Wearing your hospital identification bracelet at all times is an important safety step, as it will be checked by staff prior to procedures, tests, or administration of any medications. Feel free to speak with your nurse or physician at any time if you have safety concerns or suggestions, or contact our Patient Experience Department at 802.772.1978.


Pain Management

In order to treat and control your pain effectively during your hospital stay, your discomfort level will first be assessed during an initial meeting with your healthcare provider. To manage your pain well throughout the remainder of your treatment plan, we ask that you keep us informed of any changes so that they may be addressed quickly and appropriately.


Fall Prevention

For your safety, a nurse will evaluate whether or not you are at risk for an accidental fall, based on factors such as medications you may be taking or the type of illness for which you are being treated. Information from family members as it relates to fall risk is also considered. When it comes to your role in fall prevention, simple measures can make a big difference. For instance, be sure to ask for assistance getting in and out of bed, clear a path to your restroom, and keep important personal items within reach. If you use glasses, a hearing aid, or walking devices, be sure you can access them easily.

Hand Washing

Hand washing with soap and warm water is the best way to prevent the spread of germs. Practice good personal hygiene by washing frequently and for at least 15 seconds, and by asking visitors to do the same. Friends and relatives with colds or other contagious illnesses should be asked not to visit you until they are well. If you notice a staff member not washing up, feel free to remind them to do so. A little prevention can go a long way in keeping you and others germ-free.

Ask Me! Program

Two-way communication is the key to success at Rutland Regional Medical Center. We work hard to keep our patients and their families informed and involved in their care plan, and look for their input in return. If you have questions or concerns during your stay, by all means, ask us!


Patient Satisfaction Program

In order to provide the best care possible to patients and their families, we need to hear about your experience with us. We encourage you to fill out a Patient Satisfaction Survey after your discharge to share with us the positive aspects of your stay, as well as areas where improvements are needed. Tell us; we’re listening!

Concerns & Complaints

We hope that your stay with us is a positive one. If, however, you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your care or treatment, please tell our staff right away. You may also feel free to direct any concerns or complaints to our Patient Experience Specialist at 802.772.1978.

If you feel the need to file a written or verbal complaint with any of a variety of state agencies, you can do so by calling 802.828.2900. To review your rights as a patient, review our Patient Bill of Rights.

Contact Us

For questions or concerns contact our Patient Relations Department at 802.772.1978.

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