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Your Healthcare Team

While a patient at Rutland Regional Medical Center, you will be treated by a multidisciplinary team of specialists who will work together to provide you with care and quality you need. As an active part of this team, you are encouraged to ask questions and offer feedback to any staff person with whom you interact. To make this easier, every hospital employee is identified with a name tag listing their name and department. Your care team members include:

  • The Medical Staff. Our medical professionals include physicians, physician specialists, podiatrists, dentists, and allied health professionals such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Many of the physicians on our staff admit and care for their own patients within the hospital; others refer their patients to our hospital medicine group or to other on-site specialists.
  • The Nursing Staff. Our Magnet Status nursing program is among the best in the state. Our nurses are committed to providing patients with excellent care round the clock and many have advanced certification in their medical specialty.
  • Hospital Medicine. At Rutland Regional Medical Center, we offer the specialized care of full-time on-site hospital medicine specialists, who will act as your primary care team during your inpatient stay. Hospital medicine specialists are specially trained practitioners who only care for patients while they are in the hospital. Most are board-certified in internal medicine, family medicine, and/or other specialties.
  • Case Managers. Your nurse case manager will act as a valuable resource by working directly with your doctor and healthcare team, guiding and coordinating your medical care, providing clinical information to your insurance company, and assisting with securing discharge services and follow up appointments.
  • Social Workers. Our social workers are available to assist patients and their families. In addition to providing emotional support they can refer patients to appropriate resources for social and financial aid.
  • Students. As part of our teaching-affiliate program, we offer nursing students and those preparing for allied health careers to join our care team. During your stay, you may be provided services by one of these students, under the supervision of a licensed professional. If you are uncomfortable with that possibility, however, simply notify one of our nurses and your wishes will be honored.
  • Volunteers. We are proud of our dedicated volunteers, who contribute many hours of service to the hospital. Feel free to reach out to a volunteer with any question or request; they will do their best to accommodate your need or direct you to someone who can.
  • Support Staff. Although you may never meet all of the support staff members and health professionals who play a major role in the operations here, you can feel confident knowing that their dedication and professionalism will make your stay at our hospital a positive one.
  • Housekeeping. Our housekeeping staff works hard to make your room as clean and comfortable as possible. If you are being examined by a physician, have several visitors, or if your door is closed, your housekeeper will respect your privacy and return at a later time. If you have a housekeeping problem in your room, let your nurse know; we will take care of the issue as quickly as possible.

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For questions or concerns contact our Patient Relations Department at 802.772.1978.

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