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Preparing For Your Stay

Going to the hospital can be stressful. Whether you are being admitted for a scheduled test or procedure, or coming in to have a baby, it is helpful to do some advance planning and preparation to make your stay at Rutland Regional Medical Center as comfortable as possible. As always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions as you prepare for your visit.

What to Bring

When you arrive at the hospital, it is important that you bring certain items, including:

  • A License or other Photo ID Card
  • Your Insurance Card
  • A List of All Current Medications, including Dosage Amounts and Frequency
  • Documentation for Advance Directives, Living Will, or Healthcare Agent Information, if You Have Them
  • Any Regular Medications You Will Need to Take While Here
  • Any Necessary Aid Items – Glasses, Hearing Aid, Walking Device
  • Any Non-Valuable Personal Items Which Will Add to Your Comfort, such as a Favorite Robe or Book

What to Leave Home

  • Valuables such as Jewelry or Electronics
  • Cash (More than You Might Want to Have for Small Purchases like Magazines or Snacks)

Preparing for Admission

Your physician may give you special instructions if you are undergoing surgery or certain other procedures. It is important that you follow them. Check with your physician for pre-op guidelines. Although these guidelines vary, here is some general advice:

  • Eating and Drinking. If you are having surgery you cannot eat or drink anything (including water, gum, hard candy) after midnight. This is essential to prevent vomiting during and after anesthesia.
  • Medications. Consult your physician about taking aspirin or other medications before and after surgery.
  • Smoking. If you are a smoker, it is strongly recommended that you quit smoking as early as possible before surgery. If you are interested in quitting or cutting back on smoking, learn more about our Commit to Quit program.
  • Transportation. If you are coming for same-day surgery, you may receive sedation or pain medication that will prevent you from being able to drive yourself home. In this case you will need to arrange in advance for transportation.

The Day Before

You will receive an automated phone call reminding you of the time you are scheduled to arrive at the hospital.

For questions about admission call 802.747.3619 or your physician’s office.


Contact Us

For questions about admissions please call Registration at 802.747.1663.

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