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Physician Information & Resources

Rutland Regional Medical Center professionals can access free online resources to support clinical care using the links below. In some cases, free registration may be needed to utilize full content. 

For all physicians in Rutland County with an affiliation with Rutland Regional, journal articles may be obtained by calling Rutland Regional’s Health Information Library at 802.747.3777. If you are a healthcare provider not affiliated with the Hospital, fees may apply. 

If you use PubMed for searching, consider registering for a Loansome Doc account. Please call 802.747.3777 for further information.

Answers to Clinical Questions

  • ACP PIER ACP members register for free access to Physicians Information & Education Resource for internal medicine
  • e-Medicine Medscape’s continually updated clinical reference

Drug Information

Evidence-Based Resources


  • JAMA – free after 6 months
  • MMWR – Weekly Reports, Summaries & Recommendations
  • NEJM – free after 6 months

Annals of Internal Medicine

  • Pubmed Central – all listed have some/all full text
  • DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journal 


Patient Education

For Rutland Regional Medical Center affiliated physicians looking for additional health resources, visit the Health Information Library page on the RRMC Insider. This page can be accessed via your Token/Citrix.   

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