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Breast Care Team

Rutland Regional’s multidisciplinary Breast Care Program team works collaboratively to provide patients and their families with the best possible care. This team includes:

  • Certified Breast Patient Navigator. A registered nurse whose primary responsibility is to guide, support and coordinate the care of women dealing with breast health or breast cancer issues. Certified in imaging, cancer and clinical breast exams.
  • Radiologists. Doctors specially trained to interpret body imaging. They also recommend next steps for care after breast imaging. These doctors are board-certified with American College of Radiology. Following the guidelines of ACR and FDA regulations, they are required to obtain continuing education credits every three years in breast imaging.
  • Breast Care Nurse. A registered nurse specially trained to care for breast health patients.
  • Imaging Technologists. Ultrasound technologists, MRI technologists and mammographers who have advanced certifications in breast imaging.
  • Surgeons. Experienced surgeons, board-certified in general surgery, with additional expertise in breast surgery – including biopsy, lumpectomy and mastectomy.
  • Pathologists. A board-certified physician who specializes in diagnosing illnesses and diseases like breast cancer by examining tissue samples, blood and body fluids.
  • Medical Oncologist. A board-certified physician who specializes in treating cancer with chemotherapy – medications designed to shrink and kill cancer cells.
  • Radiation Oncologist. A board-certified physician who specializes in treating cancer with radiation therapy.
  • Radiation Therapists. A specially trained, certified health professional responsible for administering the radiation treatment prescribed by a radiation oncologist. 
  • Oncology Nurses. A registered nurse specially trained to care for patients. Many have earned advance-practice degrees or specialized certifications that make them able to administer chemotherapy, perform exams and work collaboratively with physicians.  
  • Social Worker. A master’s level health professional who provides individual, family and group counseling; referrals to community resources; and help with transportation, discharge planning and home care issues, as well as offering overall support and counseling during and after treatment.

Contact Us

To schedule a mammogram, call 802.747.1880. For more information on the Breast Care Program, call 802.747.6565.

Rutland Regional Medical Center
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