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Treatment Options

When breast cancer is found and treatment is needed, our Breast Patient Navigator guides women through every step of the process, arranging appointments, offering education and information, and – always – providing both patient and family support. At Rutland Regional, breast cancer treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery. The stage and extent of the disease determine whether just one, or more than one, of these treatments is needed. Our Foley Cancer Center also participates in national clinical trials that offer eligible patients the newest and most promising medical treatments, while helping advance the field of cancer care overall.

Working as a team, our multidisciplinary breast health experts work closely with patients to determine the best and desired treatment.

Surgical Options generally include:

  • Lumpectomy – removing the tumor and a small amount of the surrounding tissue.
  • Mastectomy – removing the entire breast, as well as some of the lymph nodes in the armpit area. This can be followed by breast reconstruction surgery.

Chemotherapy may be prescribed alone, or in conjunction with surgery, to kill cancer cells that may have spread outside the breast. These drugs are administered intravenously in a specially designed treatment room staffed by experienced medical oncology certified nurses.

Radiation Therapy, which uses high-powered X-ray beams to shrink and kill cancer cells, may be prescribed alone or following a lumpectomy. Rutland Regional offers some of the most advanced radiation therapy techniques available.

Hospital in-house financial specialists are available for information and assistance regarding eligibility and payment concerns.

Learn more about the comprehensive treatments and services offered at Rutland Regional’s Foley Cancer Center.

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