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Complementary Therapies

  • Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy

The ancient art of Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) originated in Japan and is used to inspire mental, emotional and spiritual healing. With a request to your nurse, you can receive a complimentary session from our Reiki volunteers at Rutland Regional Medical Center.

What Happens in a Reiki Session?

As you lie down or sit comfortably – fully clothed or covered by hospital apparel – your Reiki practitioner places his or her palms lightly on or a few inches over your body for a few minutes at a time. The result is a warm or tingling sensation and positive energy flow.

Sessions typically last from 20-30 minutes. Visitors are welcome to your session, if requested. If at any point you want to end the session, notify your practitioner.

Benefits of Reiki

Your well-being and healing process is promoted by Reiki through:

  • Increased relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased stress and anxiety

Reiki is often used in conjunction with traditional cancer treatment and is intended only to enhance recommended medical, surgical or nursing care.

This healing touch therapy has been used by not only cancer patients, but people with anxiety, chronic pain, HIV/AIDS and other health conditions, as well as post-surgical patients.

Meet Your Reiki Coordinator

Kelly McDermott-Burns is a teacher/practitioner trained in the Japanese art of Reiki by the International House of Reiki. She is a Reiki Master, practicing since 2004 and teaching since 2006. She is past president of the Vermont Reiki Association, 2006-2009. She is also a trained hospice and palliative care volunteer and is active in Rutland Regional’s Palliative Care Program.

Kelly has a diverse group of students and speaks on Reiki frequently to a variety of groups and organizations. Kelly graciously volunteers her time to coordinate the Reiki program at Rutland Regional and helped organize the Reiki volunteer program.

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