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Patients receiving chemo

Medical Oncology

Patients requiring chemotherapy, blood transfusions or other medications that need to be delivered intravenously receive the best available treatment at the Foley Cancer Center.

Our team is led by a board-certified medical oncologist and dedicated medical oncology physician assistants who specialize in the use of advanced chemotherapy drugs to treat cancer and relieve cancer pain. Certified oncology nurses experienced in meeting cancer patients' unique needs deliver the chemotherapy through a process called infusion, which can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours.

Chemotherapy Treatment

A chemotherapy treatment room designed for individualized care and comfort features large, bright windows and reclining chairs, each equipped with a small, personal television. Free wireless internet is also available, and curtains can be pulled around the chair for those who wish to sleep or want privacy. Beds are also available to patients who wish to sleep during treatment. Those who plan to play music or watch movies on a laptop, iPad or other electronic device should bring headphones to help keep the room quiet.

For patients who receive chemotherapy treatment during lunch, a delicious, nutritious meal is provided. Juice, water, soda, water, popsicles and ice cream is also always available.

The room can accommodate one visitor per patient, and adult family and friends are encouraged to visit. For safety reasons, children are generally not allowed, though special requests are considered in extenuating circumstances.

Dedicated medical oncology physician assistants and an experienced oncology pharmacist also staff the unit, providing care and support, answering questions and educating patients about how to cope with potential chemotherapy side effects.

Pharmaceutical Services

The on-site pharmacy and dedicated oncology pharmacist personally visits patients to discuss questions or concerns regarding their medications and chemotherapy drugs , as well as medication/food interactions. The on-site pharmacist is also available for private consult during patient visits, if required.

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If you have questions or would like to make an appointment, please call us at 802.747.1831

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