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  • Hospital Medicine Program

Hospital Medicine Specialist with patient

Our Hospital Medicine Program 

Rutland Regional Medical Center is one of many medical centers now using hospital medicine specialists to care for patients in the event of a hospital stay. The hospital medicine specialist is a physician who specializes in patient care in a hospital setting. 

Most hospital medicine specialists at Rutland are board-certified in the following specialties:

  • General Internal Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Other Specialties

Our hospital medicine specialists work closely as a team, so you may see more than one during your stay. The hospital medicine program will be the primary care team, and will:

  • Manage All Hospital Care
  • Consult with Specialists
  • Monitor your Progress
  • Keep You, Your Family & Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) up-to-date

Benefits of Being Cared for by a Hospital Medicine Specialist

Rutland Regional hospital medicine specialists work only in the hospital and are on-site day and night – making them readily available to respond quickly to emergencies or problems. They know every specialist and department in the hospital, so this allows them better coordination of inpatient care, follow-up on tests and treatment adjustments.

Working Together for Patients

Our hospital medicine specialists and primary care physicians work together, keeping close contact to make sure patients get the best possible care.

  • Once admitted, your PCP is contacted in order to bring the hospital medicine team up-to-date on your condition and medical history.
  • The hospital medicine team informs your PCP about any major findings or changes throughout your stay.
  • After you leave the hospital, you will return to your PCP for follow-up care.
  • The hospital medicine team will send your PCP a report of hospital diagnoses, treatments, and medications.
  • The hospital medicine team may prescribe medication you need to take after discharge; your PCP will refill these medications when necessary. 

Contact Us

If you have questions, please call us at 802.772.1900.

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