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The Nursing Mission at Rutland Regional

Consistent with the Philosophy of Rutland Regional Medical Center, we, the members of the Nursing Staff, believe that every individual is a unique precious being. We recognize that we are privileged to share in the most private moments of patient’s lives.

  1. The philosophy of nursing embraces the belief that every patient has the right to safe, comprehensive, confidential care encompassing body, mind and spirit.
  2. We believe that nursing care has a major role in patient outcomes with the ultimate goal being optimal wellness for that individual.
  3. We believe that the patient and family are the primary focus with the right to partner in their own care.
  4. We acknowledge diversity, and we respect their beliefs, values and individuality.
  5. We believe that the practice of professional nursing is an art and science whose components are inseparable.

As an Art – The essence of nursing is caring.

As a Science – Nursing is based on a systematic process of assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation derived from scientific, evidence-based knowledge

  1. We uphold the ANA code and standards of care as the ethical basis for nursing practice.
  2. We recognize the inherent demands of nursing, and therefore our responsibility to care for each other so that we may care for others. We celebrate the special contributions of the nursing team and support each other as valued colleagues.
  3. We recognize that nurses’ ability to practice professionally is dependent, in part, on the professional environment. We therefore believe that nurses should have a major role in decision-making in a supportive, shared leadership structure. We recognize our responsibility as stewards of financial resources.
  4. We believe that utilizing nursing research and the quality improvement process to support innovations in theory and practice enhances the quality of nursing care.
  5. We believe that because nursing has an ever-expanding body of knowledge and research, ongoing education is an essential component of professional responsibility. We further believe that our educational and mentoring responsibilities include the practitioner, the patient, the family, nursing students and the community.
  6. We believe that care is accomplished through the combined efforts of all members of the health care team. Collaboration is a joint effort that focuses on the patient as the center and encompasses the health care team, the governing bodies and the community.

Rutland Regional Medical Center
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Rutland, VT 05701

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