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Our Nursing Program & Practices

Nursing at Rutland Regional combines the best of clinical practice with empathy and compassion. 

At the core of our practice model are our patients and families. Our ability to treat and care for these patients is supported by a practice of excellence guided through shared governance. Our nurses are entrusted and empowered to make decisions about clinical practice, quality improvement, professional development, work environment and research. 

We have achieved excellence in nursing through the supportive and nurturing culture that Rutland Regional provides. We foster an environment where nurses can thrive and be successful.  Our nurses have authority, accountability, and autonomy.

We support the care of patients and their families, as well as nurses caring for each other. A vast array of medical and nursing interventions occur daily at our hospital, but we believe that practicing caring supports healing — both physically and spiritually.

Nursing Professional Practice Model

Rutland Regional Medical Center
160 Allen Street
Rutland, VT 05701

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