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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

  • Shared Medical Appointment

Dr. Kenosh leading a SMA

What is a Shared Medical Appointment (SMA)?

We live, work, and play in groups — families, clubs, sports teams, associations, meetings of all kinds. The purpose of the Shared Medical Appointment (SMA) is to provide quality health care in a comfortable, relaxed, and supportive group setting. After attending a SMA, over 80% of people indicate they would return to receive medical care again in this fashion.

In a SMA, you will spend 90 minutes with Dr. Michael Kenosh and a team of healthcare providers. And what’s more, you will benefit from the support and experience of others dealing with similar issues.

This well organized appointment takes place in a group of six to fifteen patients. It allows:

  • In depth discussion of treatment options
  • Review and explanation of test results
  • Medication prescription or refills
  • Discussion of medication side effects
  • Arrangement of test and procedures
  • Private individual exams as required
  • Answers to your medical questions

Sensitive personal information about others must remain confidential. Each person attending will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

A Shared Medical Appointment is offered as an option for your medical care. If you prefer a traditional one-to-one office visit, that can be arranged. Our goal is to provide the best medical care you have ever experienced.

Please call the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation office at 802.747.3633 to schedule your Shared Medical Appointment.

phoneCall 802.747.3633 to learn about Shared Medical Appointments.

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