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Patient Testimonials

  • “Diane Mayo helped me a great deal during my eight visits to physical therapy. The girls at the front desk were friendly and nice. I gave my name once and I never had to give my name again during the rest of my visits. Thank you all, keep up the good work.”

    Hazel Hale
    Weston, VT

  • “My eight visits to physical therapy was wonderful...Mary Jane was everything a physical therapist should be, and everything a caring and giving person should be. I am impressed.”

    Leonard A. Zivitz, MD

  • “I had Tom Poole for a therapist. He was great. He knew what he was doing. Although I doubted myself, he always encouraged me and he never let me fall. He was always there with me, ready to catch me. If I ever have to have Physical Therapy again, I would want Tom as my therapist again. Thank you, Tom Poole, for never letting me down.”

    Pattie Gilsen
    Rutland VT

  • “I saw Kelly Parker who was very friendly. I was nervous about going but she always made me feel comfortable. I had a brain injury and had trouble with memory. So there were times I would cry while I was at my appointment because I felt embarrassed and not very smart when I couldn't remember things. Kelly told me it was ok and that my memory would eventually come back.

    Kelly would do exercises with me and activities that helped with my memory. So there were no tears after, because with all that she taught me, I was feeling successful. She always accommodated my schedule so I could come in after work.

    Kelly was wonderful and I thank her for all she did to help get me back on track with my memory issues.”

    Kathleen Fox
    Dorset, VT

Physical Therapist helping patient learn to walk again

Physical Therapy

Patients who need physical therapy after an illness or injury, or to manage a chronic condition such as arthritis, will find the comprehensive and compassionate care they need to get back to living life to its fullest.

Care is individualized and delivered at Rutland Regional in a sunlight-filled, state-of-the-art gym specially designed to meet the needs of patients rehabilitating from a wide range of conditions and illnesses.


Specialized Treatment Programs Include:

Sports Medicine

Therapy customized to help athletes of all ages and abilities quickly and safely return to the sports and daily activities they enjoyed before their injury; increase their strength and endurance; and prevent future injuries.

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Patients who have had knee or hip replacement benefit from specialized therapy that begins in the hospital and continues after discharge to help regain maximum mobility and function.

Balance Clinic/Vestibular Therapy

Therapists use assistive devices and specialized vestibular therapy exercises to help people with balance issues, such as chronic dizziness and vertigo, learn to walk and function safely.

Arthritis Treatment

Specialized treatment to help patients with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid conditions and osteoporosis manage pain and increase mobility and strength.

Neurological Disorders Treatment

Physical therapists and neurology staff work collaboratively to assess and create individualized rehabilitation and treatment plans for patients with neurological illnesses and injuries, such as stroke, head and spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Lymphedema Therapy

An outpatient program that combines bandaging, drainage and massage techniques to help reduce the painful and uncomfortable arm or leg swelling that can follow a mastectomy or occur as a side effect of chronic venous insufficiency.

Wheelchair Clinic

Patients with neurological or orthopedic diagnoses receive a specialized evaluation and instruction designed to promote proper wheelchair seating and help reduce the risk of deformities, prevent skin breakdown and improve overall function.

Prosthetic/Orthotic Evaluation and Treatment

Full rehabilitation services for amputees and other patients requiring supportive or assistive devices or services.


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