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Cardiac Rehab gym

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Rutland Heart Center’s outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation program provides support, education and medically supervised exercise to patients recovering from:

Designed to help patients return to normal, daily activities as quickly and safely as possible, this 6- to 12-week program is customized to meet each patient's individual needs, providing:

  • Increased Knowledge about Heart Disease
  • Better Understanding of Your Personal Risk Factors and How to Reduce Them
  • Improved Physical Fitness and Well-Being
  • Encouragement and Emotional Support
  • Confidence in Your Abilities to Get and Stay Healthy

Stress management techniques are also discussed during group education and individual counseling sessions.

The program is divided into three parts:

  • Pre-Program Evaluation. The program begins with each patient receiving a thorough evaluation that includes a stress test, as well as a cardiac nurse documenting your complete health history, cardiac risk factors, physical fitness level and knowledge of heart disease. You will be introduced to Center staff and, if desired, meet with a social worker who can help you and your family adjust to the lifestyle changes needed to effectively manage heart disease.

Nutrition education for cardiac rehab

  • Education. Weekly, small group educational classes empower patients with a better understanding of why heart disease occurs and how it can be prevented and treated. High blood pressure, cholesterol management, medication side effects, diet and nutrition and stress management are among the many topics covered. Time is also allocated for patient questions, discussions and support.
  • Exercise and Monitoring. After an orientation with cardiac nurses who explain the purpose of, and how to use, the equipment, you'll begin an exercise program designed to meet your specific heart-health needs. Participants generally exercise in small groups for 90 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Conducted by cardiac nurses who monitor patients’ heart rates and rhythms, sessions begin with a warm up, followed by aerobic exercise on one or more of our cardiac machines, which include treadmills, rowing machines, bicycles, arm ergometers and hand weights. Physicians are always nearby in the event that a cardiac emergency occurs.

A physician referral is required to participate in cardiac rehabilitation. Before exercising, a patient must also receive a stress test.

Most insurance plans, including Medicare, cover the program. For those without insurance, a fee is charged for each exercise session.

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You can reach the Rutland Heart Center at 1.855.RHC.BEAT (1.855.742.2328) or at 802.747.3600.

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