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The Rutland Heart Center Care Team


The Cardiology Team

A multidisciplinary team of experienced healthcare professionals, overseen by board-certified cardiologists, work together to create comprehensive, individualized treatment plans for each patient. Our cardiologists and staff keep the patient’s primary care physician (PCP) informed and up to date on the patient’s progress and, upon discharge, work with the PCP to create a plan designed to ensure, and continue to improve, the patient's heart health. Cardiac team members include:

  • Cardiologists. Our board-certified cardiologists specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating heart disease and other conditions that affect heart and blood vessels.
  • General Surgeons. Board-certified surgeons who perform, among other procedures, vascular surgery.
  • Interventional Cardiologists. Board-certified cardiologists who have received advanced training and specialize in using minimally-invasive, catheter-based procedures to diagnose heart and vascular conditions like blocked arteries or a damaged heart valve.
  • Cardiac Nurses. Working closely with our cardiologists these advanced practice nurses have received specialized training to care for the unique needs of patients with cardiovascular disease.
  • Social Workers. Health professionals who provide individual, family and group counseling; referrals to community resources; and help with transportation, discharge planning and home care issues.
  • DietitiansFood and nutrition experts who educate patients about nutrition and provide them with healthy food choices based on their individual health needs.
  • Primary Care Physician. A physician board certified in family or general practice, internal medicine or pediatrics who treats common illnesses and injuries and helps patients maintain overall health through regular preventive, and coordination of needed specialist, care.

Contact Us

You can reach the Rutland Heart Center at 1.855.RHC.BEAT (1.855.742.2328) or at 802.747.3600.

Rutland Heart Center
12 Commons Street
Rutland, VT 05701

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