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Diagnostic Services

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Diagnostic Procedures

At Vermont Orthopaedic Clinic, our physicians and medical support team utilize the latest diagnostic technology to determine the precise nature of your injury or discomfort.

Our Full Range of Diagnostic Tests Includes:

  • X-Ray. Produces images of internal tissues, bones and organs.
  • Arthrogram. A specialized x-ray used to view bone structures with the help of contrast fluid, which can reveal a tear, opening, or blockage.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). A magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy are combined to create pictures of internal organs and structures. 
  • Computed Tomography scan (CT or CAT Scan). X-rays and computer technology are combined to create highly detailed images of bones, muscles, fat, and organs.
  • Electromyography (EMG). A specialized needle is inserted into a muscle to record and analyze the electrical activity within it. 
  • Ultrasound. High-frequency sound waves are used to create a viewable image of internal organs.
  • Arthroscopy. A tiny tube, fitted with miniature camera is inserted into the joint, allowing the surgeon to look for joint damage or disease, and to conduct any necessary reconstructive procedures on the joint.
  • Bone Density Test. A targeted x-ray is used to measure overall bone health.
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