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Rehab Protocols

Urgent Care

To get you the immediate attention you need for urgent issues, we offer access to an orthopaedic specialist within 24 hours of requesting an appointment.
Urgent Access Care Line: 800.625.2937

Rehab Protocols

The following list allows you to download the handouts and/or view a video of the rehab protocols provided to you by your physician, physician assistant or athletic trainer as a part of your rehabilitation program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


Achilles Tendinopathy Program  HANDOUT

Range of Motion Exercises  HANDOUT

Strength Exercises  HANDOUT


Low Back Exercises  HANDOUT


Elbow Tendinopathy Program  HANDOUT

Elbow-Wrist Range of Motion Exercises  HANDOUT

Elbow-Wrist Strength Exercises  HANDOUT


Range of Motion Exercises  HANDOUT | VIDEO

Stage 1 Strength Exercises  HANDOUT | VIDEO

Stage 2 Strength Exercises  HANDOUT | VIDEO

Stage 3 Strength Exercises  HANDOUT | VIDEO

Stage 4A Strength Exercises  HANDOUT | VIDEO

Stage 4B Strength Exercises  HANDOUT | VIDEO


Range of Motion Exercises  HANDOUT

Level 1 Strength Exercises  HANDOUT

Level 2 Strength Exercises  HANDOUT

Throwers 10 Exercise Program  HANDOUT

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