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Rutland Regional Medical Center

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Committee Members

The Trust Committee members volunteer their time to ensure that funds are distributed to organizations that improve the health of our community. Additionally, the Health Steering Committee works with Rutland County to identify key community health needs.

Bowse Health Trust Committee Members

  • Larry Jensen, Chair, Commissioner, College of St. Joseph
  • Victoria Young, Vice Chair and Past Chair, Rutland Regional Medical Center Board
  • Joanne Calvi, RN, Vermont Department of Health
  • Thomas W. Huebner, Past President, Rutland Regional Medical Center/Rutland Regional Health Services, 1997-2018
  • Judi Fox, Treasurer, Rutland Regional Medical Center
  • Jeff McKee, PhD, Rutland Regional Medical Center
  • Nanci Gordon, College of St. Joseph
  • Joan Gamble, Past Rutland Regional Medical Center Board Member
  • Jo Ann Riley, Castleton Community Center
  • Pam Reed, Rutland City Schools
  • Rick Lovett, MD, Rutland Regional Medical Center
  • Sarah Narkewicz, RN, MS, CDE, Director, Bowse Health Trust

The Rutland County Partnership for Health
Steering Committee

  • Joanne Calvi, RN, Chair, Vermont Health Department
  • Marlee Mason, Rutland Area Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice
  • Melanie Gaiotti, Vermont Department of Liquor Control
  • Martha Coulter, Castleton University
  • Brian Nolan, Porter Medical Center
  • Sarah Roy, ADAP, Vermont Department of Health
  • Doug Norford, Rutland Mental Health
  • Ann Warrell, Vermont Country Store
  • Scott Tucker, Rutland City Police
  • Beth Diamond, Vermont 2-1-1
  • Amy Dobson, RN, Community Health Centers of the Rutland Region
  • Lynne Klamme, Vermont Agency for Human Services
  • Peggy Young, RN, Retired Nurse
  • Phil Fernandez, Vermont Department of Corrections
  • Brennan Duffy, Rutland Redevelopment Authority
  • Ann Bannister, RN, Retired School Nurse
  • Caprice Hover, United Way of Rutland County

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