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Community Health Needs Assessment

  • Overview of 2015-2017 Goals

Overview of 2015-2017 Goals

Within this changing world of healthcare, Rutland Regional Medical Center’s purpose remains the same, to help improve the health and well-being of our community, as individuals and as part of the whole.

The community health needs assessment (CHNA) process has proven a valuable tool both to identify areas where attention should be focused to address certain needs and concerns, and to keep the dialog going between organizations and community members to share information, insights, and plans for the future, and to help identify opportunities for collaboration to address identified needs.

This round of the CHNA involved discussion of the many projects and programs that are working to address needs across our community that have been identified through earlier assessments, while drawing our attention to some changes in the needs of our community, in part due to the changing culture of health and healthcare. In some ways, we began to think bigger, and in others we found ourselves more focused on specific issues within a category of interest. For example, we continue to see the shape of need in Rutland County as depicted here, but we are seeing more interest and emphasis on strengthening the foundation.

Community Health Improvement is a broad term that encompasses many aspects and elements, from the individual to the health system as a whole. Considering this and trying to target key issues that would likely have the most significant impact on our community, these are the priority areas we have identified:

priorities grid

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