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Published on May 07, 2018

Rutland Regional Announces its 2018 Humanitarians of the Year

Each year, Rutland Regional presents the Humanitarian Award to individuals whose work and deeds have served to improve the quality of our lives, and inspired us to greater heights. In 2018, we are honoring two very deserving individuals, Bastian Fagginger-Auer, MSN, BA, RN, Operating Room and Suzanne (Sue) Daley, ADC, SBIRT Clinician, Emergency Department, who embody those qualities of selflessness, dedication, and service above self which are the marks of a true humanitarian.

Bastian Humanitarian 2018_125x165Three years ago the Long Trail Little League Program in Wallingford was struggling to survive. Volunteers had kept it sustainable over the years, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the momentum. If the program did dissolve it would have had a huge impact on those kids ages 5-12 who live in the towns of Clarendon, Tinmouth, Shrewsbury, Middletown Springs and Danby. Despite already volunteering for the Wallingford Rescue Squad, Bastian rose to the occasion and became the commissioner of the league.

Bastian worked tirelessly to connect with those in the Rutland County Recreation community to reorganize the Long Trail league so it could join with another Little League group, all to keep the program open so kids from the greater Wallingford area could continue to play baseball and softball together.

In addition to his league organizing responsibilities Bastian continues to coach. He embraces every challenge no matter the commitment. While concurrently pursuing his Masters in Nursing, he remained active with the Wallingford Rescue Squad spanning over a decade, serving as a Past President. He also coaches flag football and is a member of the town’s Recreation Committee. Over the past few years Bastian has fund-raised and devoted time and resources to rehabbing the baseball fields as well as performing much of the maintenance before and during the season.

Bastian is passionate about his community, and providing opportunities for all kids regardless of income to participate and learn about sports and other outdoor activities. He does it not for the accolades but because he cares – about the town, about the kids, about modeling for his children how to be responsible citizens, and helping the community to grow in a healthy and positive way.

Suzanne DalySue has dedicated the past 20 years of her life to helping those affected by the Opioid Crisis. For the past 3 years she has worked as a licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor at Rutland Regional in the Emergency Department.

As the Opioid Crisis grew into one of the largest health crisis’ facing our community and the nation, Sue’s knowledge of this field and her ability to connect with people from all sectors of life, has not only impacted the Emergency Department positively, but also the Opioid crisis in general.

Sue has assisted hundreds of people in finding their way to treatment and has provided physicians with a better understanding of how to intervene in the face of an emergency. She has the ability to connect with people in a way that holds them accountable for their own actions, but is empowering and free of judgement.

She also runs a program called Wit’s End, a support group for family members of those who have been affected by addiction, providing information about the disease to help families better understand it.

Rutland has made great strides in combatting this disease. It is not without the incredible efforts of Sue and her dedication to fighting it on the front lines. She has been a beacon of light for all that are struggling along in the dark.

About Rutland Regional Medical Center

Rutland Regional Medical Center, founded in 1896, is the largest community hospital and the second largest healthcare facility in Vermont. With a strong patient focus, consistent quality performance, nursing excellence and award-winning care, Rutland Regional remains dedicated to improving the health of families and individuals throughout Rutland County and beyond.

Rutland Regional has received many different honors and awards over the years, including: Best Regional Hospital by U.S. News & World Report and was the first hospital in Vermont to receive both the Governor’s Award for Performance Excellence and Magnet Recognition® for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovation. Learn more about our Quality & Awards>>>


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