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Published on November 19, 2020

We Need Your Help To Keep
Our Community Safe –

Please Avoid Holiday Gatherings

What We All Need To Do:

  • Stay home as much as possible during the next few weeks
  • Limit in-person social interactions to those who live within our household
  • Wear a mask whenever outside our household
  • Stay 6 feet away from others, even when masked
  • Wash & sanitize hands frequently
  • Get a flu shot
  • If showing any symptoms, schedule a COVID-19 test

We are seeing an alarming increase in the spread of COVID-19 cases throughout the country. Hospitals are quickly becoming overwhelmed with patients and face the distressing prospect of having to choose which patients they have the capacity to treat. As the experts have predicted, with the colder weather causing us to close up our houses and move indoors, the pandemic is approaching the most crucial and challenging period for our nation.

Although Rutland Regional Medical Center is well prepared, we are concerned about this rapid rise of COVID-19 transmission throughout Vermont – including right here in Rutland County. This has caused Governor Scott to impose additional measures that include a prohibition on all public and private social gatherings with people who don’t live in the same household. This means everyone needs to cancel in-home plans with relatives and friends for the winter holidays and through the balance of the year, including New Year’s Eve and Day.

I appreciate how disheartening and difficult this is for our community to accept, but we at Rutland Regional need your help now more than ever. If we all commit to avoiding social gatherings over the coming holiday season, we can stop the spread here in our community and avoid overwhelming our hospitals, nursing homes and schools while awaiting the arrival of a vaccine early next year.

There is cause for optimism and hope with the news that two vaccines are highly effective and close to being approved! Rutland Regional is working with the State and Federal Government on storage and distribution plans for our community. While this will take some time, I am confident that we will begin to get back to normal in 2021. Our success in doing so will depend on how well we are able to contain the spread of the virus over the next several months. Because of all your good efforts this past year, Rutland County has been one of the safest places in the country. Please help us to continue to protect our patients, protect our staff and ensure that Rutland Regional will have the capacity to care for our community by avoiding in-person gatherings throughout the 2020 holiday season.

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Claudio Fort
President and CEO

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