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Published on March 23, 2022

Rutland Regional Medical Center Relaxes Visitation Policy

RUTLAND – Starting Wednesday, March 23, patients at Rutland Regional Medical Center will be able to have more friends and family visit than earlier this year when COVID rates were high. The hospital has relaxed its visitation policy to allow two visitors per patient during regular visiting hours. In addition, the hospital has reopened surgical waiting areas. Prior to this change, each patient was limited to two designated visitors for the duration of the patient’s stay. The new policy also allows children to visit as well.

This is recognition of the decline of COVID in our community,” explained Claudio Fort, the hospital’s president and CEO. “Less COVID in our community means that it is now safer to allow additional people to visit patients. We also recognize that visits with loved ones is a crucial part of healing, and we are glad that we can now expand these to more people.

Check In, Check Out

Having more than two visitors per patient creates noise and congestion problems in the hospital and can interfere with patient care and safety. As a result, Rutland Regional’s two visitors per patient limit extends through both the inpatient and outpatient arenas, with some exceptions made for patients at the end of life. To better track visitors and minimize confusion, hospital visitors must check in and out through the main, Stratton Road, entrance. Visitors also will continue to be required to wear hospital-issued masks and undergo a basic COVID screening as they check in.

We hope that we are seeing the end of COVID in our community,” Fort added. “However, we continue to watch infection levels both locally more regionally. If those numbers begin to rise again as they have in the past, we stand ready to reimpose restrictions to protect patients and staff and keep our hospital available for all. For the moment, though, it’s gratifying to open our hospital for more visitors.”

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