Updated Visitor Restriction Policy

Effective Monday, April 5, 2021, Rutland Regional has updated the visitation policy to allow for limited visitation. Please read the full policy before coming to the hospital or one of the clinics:

Visitor Restriction Policy

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COVID-19 Hospital & Clinic Patient
Visitor Restriction

Policy Updated: Monday, April 5, 2021

Rutland Regional Medical Center announced an update to the hospital’s visitation policy that allows one fully-vaccinated visitor per patient. The changes are in response to a relaxation of the Vermont Agency of Human Service’s Hospital Visitor Guidance. This update will go into effect on Monday, April 5, 2021

All patients may continue to access Rutland Regional facilities for appointments, tests and services.

Hospital Visitor Restrictions:

  1. Only one designated, fully vaccinated visitor is allowed per patient
  • Fully vaccinated means that the individual received the final dose of their COVID-19 vaccine at least two weeks ago.
  • Visitors must show proof of vaccination with a vaccination card or equivalent.
  • One unvaccinated, designated Essential Support Person (ESP) may accompany or visit a patient under the following circumstances:
    • Pediatric patients
    • Labor & delivery patients
    • Emergency Department patients
    • Patients nearing end of life
    • Patients requiring support as part of their care
  • Fully vaccinated members of the clergy may visit without restrictions.
  • Fully vaccinated visitors will be allowed at all physician clinics and outpatient appointments.
  • All visitors will continue to be screened upon entry and must continue to wear face masks.
  1. Visiting Hours
    • Inpatients: 10am-6pm.
    • PSIU/PICU: Monday-Thursday, 4pm-8pm, and Friday-Sunday, 1pm-8pm.
    • Overnight: Essential support persons (ESP) may spend the night if they are essential to the patients care during this time. This may not be possible for dual occupancy rooms.
    • Children: Children under 18 may not be ESPs and may not accompany a patient entering Rutland Regional or any of the outpatient clinics.
  2. Service Animals
    • Only ADA service animals may accompany a patient or ESP.
    • All other animals, including previously approved therapy dogs and support animals are not permitted.
  3. People Who Are Not Visitors
    • Certain categories of individuals who interact with patients are not visitors and are not subject to this policy. Such individuals include people who are part of the broader treatment team such as interpreters and doualas, advocates from Disability Rights Vermont and other legally authorized individuals will be permitted to enter the facility when necessary.

Outpatient Clinic Restrictions:

  1. Outpatient Clinics will allow one fully vaccinated visitor to accompany a patient.
    • Evidence of vaccination is required
    • This can include the physical vaccine card or a photo of the vaccine card
    • Self-attestation will not suffice
  2. Only one visitor is allowed per patient in the clinics.
    • That can be either a fully vaccinated visitor OR an essential support person, but not both
    • This is due to occupancy limits still in place
  3. The screening process still applies to all people who enter the clinics.

All visitors must comply with this policy or they will be escorted from the property

We still ask that you continue to wear masks, wash your hands frequently, and observe 6' social distancing measures. These policies are to ensure the safety of our patients and staff in compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order and Vermont Agency of Human Services guidelines.

Access to the main hospital building will be limited to the following entrances and times:

Stratton Road Entrance

  • Open 5:30AM to 7PM, Daily

stratton road entrance

Emergency Entrance

  • Open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week

emergency department entrance

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