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Our Values – Rutland Regional Medical Center 


We act with Integrity: We are honest and behave ethically.

  • I am reliable and follow through on commitments.
  • I lead by example and follow policies and procedures.
  • I promote confidentiality.
  • I report errors and participate in opportunities for improvement.
  • I act as an ambassador of Rutland Regional in all my interactions with patients, and other customers.


We strive for excellence by creating a Diverse and Inclusive workplace and community: Our differences make us stronger.

  • I value the unique needs of each individual to ensure their experience is without bias.
  • I respect the beliefs, culture, nationality, race, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, age, personal challenges and socioeconomic status of others.
  • I support efforts to address healthcare disparities in our community.
  • I encourage diversity of ideas and ask for input/feedback from others.
  • I welcome and accept individuals with diverse points of view and backgrounds while at work and in the community.
  • I work to understand the prevalence of implicit bias and its negative impact on our relationships and equity of care.


We Care for those around us: We are always mindful of the needs of our patients and those with whom we work.

  • I continuously work to improve our programs, services and processes to meet and to exceed our patient’s and customer’s expectations.
  • I provide comfort, sympathy, kindness and empathy to patients and customers.
  • I treat all with dignity and respect.
  • I respond to issues and concerns of patients, customers and staff as appropriate in a timely manner.
  • I smile to greet others.
  • I demonstrate positive interaction with patients and customers.


We demonstrate Teamwork: We work together in alignment with others to achieve common goals. We are stronger collectively than individually.

  • I maintain active and appropriate levels of communication.
  • I work to resolve issues with co-workers.
  • I collaborate with others on important matters.
  • I offer to help others.
  • I ask patients and customers: “What else can I help you with today?

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