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Thinking About Applying?

Internal Transfer FAQS

This information is for current employees of Rutland Regional Medical Center. If you are not an employee of Rutland Regional, please see External Applicants FAQs.

  • How Do I Apply for a Transfer/Promotion? Internal applicants complete an electronic internal application form located on the RRMC Insider under Quick Links – Job Postings or if you are at home, you can apply online.
  • How Long Do I Have to be in My Position Before I Can Apply for a Transfer? New employees to the organization must be in their position for six months before they can apply for a department transfer.
  • Should I Complete the Entire Application if the Manager Already Knows Me? You should always complete the entire application each time you apply for a position. This is the best way to market yourself and for the recruiter and manager to evaluate if you meet the qualifications for the position.
  • What Happens to My Application After it is Submitted? Your application will be reviewed by a Rutland Regional Recruiter. It can take up to two weeks for all applications to be reviewed. If you meet the criteria for the position, your application will be forwarded and reviewed by the hiring manager. Human Resources will contact you to schedule an interview if you meet the qualifications for the position. Notifications of the status of your application are sent to the email you provided on your application.   
  • Will My Current Manager be Contacted? Your current manager will not be contacted at the time you apply; however, if you are being considered for a position, a reference is required from your manager before a job offer is made. You will be notified if you are being considered and it is at that time you need to notify your manager you have applied.
  • How Long is it Before I Can Transfer to Another Department? If you accept a position, your start date will generally be between two and four weeks, depending upon the position. (Clerical/support positions are two weeks and technical/professional are four weeks.)
  • How Should I Prepare for the Interview? You should carefully read the complete job description that is listed on the portal and familiarize yourself with the department, position, schedule, hours and pay scale. Internal applicants should prepare questions for the hiring manager, dress appropriately for the position they are applying for and present just as they would when they applied for their Rutland Regional position as an external applicant.
  • How Does Pay and Benefits Work with a New Position? Benefits are based on your employment status. Employees that hold a part-time position (.5fte or higher) are eligible for benefits. Pay changes are based on your current pay grade and the new pay grade of the position you applied for. You should review the pay scale before you apply for a position and contact Human Resources if you have questions about what potential changes would occur with pay.

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