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Nursing Shared Governance at
Rutland Regional

Nurses at a table in a governance meeting

In alignment with the Nursing Strategic Plan, Professional Practice Model, and Theoretical Framework, Rutland Regional supports shared decision-making and governance throughout nursing with nursing councils and committees representing and supporting the nursing body in entirety. The Department of Nursing Excellence provides a context for nursing and all members of the healthcare team to understand and participate in the core elements of professional nursing practice by providing the framework for organizing quality, education, evidence-based practice, research, recruitment and retention, communication and leadership.

Through a shared governance council structure, the Department of Nursing Excellence supports the following nursing councils:

Nursing Shared Governance Council (NSGC)

The NSGC is comprised of clinical nurse members from both the inpatient and outpatient settings. The Council is facilitated by an elected President and Vice President. It convenes monthly for a full-day meeting. Within the Council, there are three specialized committees responsible for sharing information and facilitating ongoing projects: Professional Development and Care Committee, Nursing Quality and Professional Practice Committee, and Research and Evidenced Based Practice Committee. The Council offers professional development opportunities through CEU presentations and Clinical Advancement Program (CAP) mentorship.

Outpatient Nursing Shared Governance Council (ONSGC)

The ONSGC is comprised of clinical nurse members representing each specialty from the ambulatory clinic setting. This Council was developed to promote the professional nursing role that is unique to the specialty outpatient clinic setting. The Council convenes monthly and offers networking, professional development, continuing education, and mentorship opportunities to all members.

Advanced Practice Nurse Council

The Advanced Practice Nurse Council is comprised of all Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) at Rutland Regional. Membership is also open to any Rutland Regional employed registered nurse that is currently enrolled in an APRN program. The Council convenes quarterly and offers an opportunity for professional development through networking, CME offerings, Journal Club, and peer reviewed case studies. The Council also facilitates a mentorship program for APRNs that are new to the organization.

Staffing Council

Staffing Council is comprised of clinical nurses and nurse leadership. The Council convenes monthly to maintain a positive practice environment by promoting communication and collaboration between direct care nurses and nursing administration.

Nursing Leadership Council

Nursing Leadership Council is comprised of all nurse supervisors, managers, and directors. The Council convenes every other month and is facilitated by the CNO. The purpose of the Council is to integrate and communicate recommendations from the Nursing Shared Governance Council for transition into practice. To work together for successful initiatives, Nursing Leadership and Nursing Staff must align initiative development, planning, implementation, and evaluation. This council serves as forum to accomplish these tasks.

Nursing Coordinating Council

The Nursing Coordinating Council is comprised of a representative from each Rutland Regional nursing council. The Council is co-facilitated by the CNO and Director of Nursing Excellence. It convenes twice a year to promote information sharing, provide mentorship opportunities to council leaders, and evaluate the on-going work and development of each nursing council.

Model highlighting global issues in nursing & healthcareThe nursing council structure provides the foundation for our Magnet journey. It is designed to improve patient outcomes and enhance the professional nursing input into clinical decision-making. For more information about a nursing council, contact the Nursing Excellence Department at 802.776.2712.

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