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Community Education

Rutland Regional Medical Center promotes a healthy community through our numerous Community Education programs and events. Community Education offerings are provided year-round, throughout the greater Rutland area, at low- or no-cost to anyone who wishes to participate.

Program and event topics span a full range of subjects for people at all stages of life – from babysitting skills for tweens to safe driving for seniors –all designed to promote active, healthy lifestyles or prevent disease and injury. Current and past programs have focused on stress reduction, heart health, disease awareness and prevention, healthy living, nutrition and exercise, weight reduction, fall prevention, babysitting skills, children’s safety and more.

A Sampling of Our Current Programs:

AARP® Safe Driving Program

Given by Baird Morgan, in partnership with AARP®, this driver safety class teaches the participant how to adjust their driving to age-related changes in vision, hearing and reaction time. Students also learn defensive driving techniques, new traffic laws and rules of the road. Many insurance companies provide a discount to AARP® graduates.

Age-Related Memory Loss

This series of three seminars addresses current issues on the subject of normal aging, cognitive changes, and dementia. Strategies for thought processes and memory are discussed. Also examined are how factors such as sleep, nutrition and social engagement can play an important role in your cognition. This course is offered in the fall.

Alzheimer's Awareness Classes

These classes are given in partnership with the Vermont Alzheimer’s Association and are generally given in a series of two to four seminars. Current talks include such titles as, Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Dementia Conversation and others.

Couch to 5k

This nationally recognized program is designed for those who have been leading an inactive lifestyle, but want to start being active. The attendee trains three days a week for 30-minute sessions over nine weeks in preparation to run or power walk successfully in a 5k race (3.1 miles). Participants are assigned a coach who will give individualized attention and feedback to their training.

Gaining Traction

In this program participants learn the mechanics of walking and how various conditions such as arthritis, other foot and joint issues and neurological problems affecting balance can impact gait. Suggestions are provided on setting appropriate walking goals for yourself and ways to track progress using a pedometer and other technology. Exercises to enhance your mobility and balance are reviewed. This workshop is provided by physical therapists from Rutland Regional’s Rehabilitation Department and is offered in the spring.

How Did I Get HERE?

Given by Bonnie Olsen, this class invites the participant to find a new perspective on their own life story, summoning them to see that events that have brought about misery can, in turn, become our greatest gift. The participant is taught to view that our most difficult times can become our gateways to learn and grow.

Navigating Advance Directives

Eva Zivitz, Palliative Care Program Coordinator at Rutland Regional Medical Center, reviews the forms used in Vermont to document healthcare wishes, and walks participants through the process of completing them. Volunteer explainers from Community Health Team will be available to answer individual questions or assist those who are interested in making an appointment for assistance in completing an advance directive at a later date. This talk is given in April in Recognition of National Healthcare Decision Day on April 16.

Peace & Calm in Chaos

This three-part class is given by Bonnie Olson, a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and includes presentations on how and why meditation works and includes such topics as grounding and centering exercises, basic and guided meditation, ways to manage our thoughts, and mastering emotions. This workshop is provided twice a year, in the spring and fall.

Rutland Regional Weight Loss Workshop

This is a 12-week weight loss program for overweight and obese individuals who would like to lose weight through modification of key behaviors that not only affect body weight, but overall health and wellness. Talks are given by medical center and Rutland area health experts on the topics of nutrition, exercise and fitness, sleep, stress and food preparation. An optional exercise class is offered. This workshop is provided twice a year, in the spring and fall.

Safe Sitter®

Designed for 11 to 13 year olds, Safe Sitter® is a two-day course that trains children to become safe and nurturing babysitters for younger children. This course covers such topics as: preventing injuries, child care essentials, injury management, preventing problem behavior, and infant and child choking and rescue breathing skills.

Tai Chi for Beginners

This six-part course, given by Laurie Knauer, Certified in Dr. Lam Tai Chi, teaches this ancient practice that is slow, continuous and safe for all levels of fitness. The benefits of practicing Tai Chi include reduced stress, increased balance and flexibility, relaxation, and improved overall mind, body and spirit. This workshop is provided twice a year, in the spring and fall

Community Resources

A wide variety of information, education, support and services is available through support groups and organizations within the Rutland community. The staff in the Community Education and Social Work Departments is available to help you learn about and access those resources appropriate for your needs.

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