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Indoor Air Quality and Asthma

People often associate the idea of Asthma triggers or attacks with an outside source or event. In truth, there are many events in the home that can trigger Asthma attack as well. 

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In-Home Asthma Program

The In-Home Asthma Program uses home visits by an Asthma educator and a community health worker. It is modeled after evidence-based programs, which have shown to decrease in missed days of school and increase in self reported quality of life, decrease in unplanned doctor visits, use of emergency room, and hospital visits.

Home Visits are Aimed to:

  • Provide asthma education
  • Identify asthma triggers (Allergens & Irritants) in the home
  • Reduce contact with triggers
  • Ways to identify and decrease asthma symptoms

Who is Eligible?

You are eligible for this program if:

  • You are over 2 years old
  • Has an active diagnosis of asthma
  • Is from the Rutland Regional Medical Center service area
  • Has uncontrolled asthma demonstrated by:
    • 1 or more unscheduled visits for emergency or urgent care
    • 2 or more a year frequent primary care office visits for asthma symptoms
    • 1 or more in-patient asthma related admissions
    • 2 or more refills of rescue inhalers
    • Exceeds 2 or more missed days of school or other activities related to asthma

Want to Enroll?

Contact from the Rutland Regional Medical Center Community Health Team may be made directly after an Emergency Department visit. Primary care providers can also make a referral or the patient can self refer themselves. To self refer, please call 802.776.5508. You can also get information or request a form by emailing the Community Health Team.

In-Home Asthma Program, for children and adults

By using proven practices personalized to your family and home, we can help decrease missed days of school and work, unplanned doctor visits, emergency room visits, and improve your sleep.

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