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E-Cigarettes & JUUL School Presentation

Breathing Easy Podcast – Quit Smoking with Sarah Cosgrove

Listen to Health Team member Sarah Cosgrove as she talks about tobacco cessation in this podcast produced by

802Quits – Tobacco Cessation

Rutland Regional is here to help! When you are ready to quit smoking, the right support can make all the difference. Our Quit Partners program will provide you with the education, tools and encouragement you need to be successful.

Our Program Offers:

  • Weekly, ongoing group classes
  • Free nicotine replacement including patches, gum or lozenges through 802Quits
  • Information about other medication options to help you quit smoking
  • Links to the 802Quits phone only and website support

How the Program Works

A tobacco counselor will help you decide on a quit plan which may include:

  • Free nicotine replacement
  • Tools to distract you during a craving
  • Support through weekly classes, 802Quits or QuitLine counseling

Classes are ongoing and meet weekly. To learn more about the ongoing options, visit our Classes & Events page>>>

802 QuitsRutland Regional Medical Center is part of 802Quits. Classes are provided under the guidelines of the American Cancer Society Fresh Start Program.

The Tobacco Cessation Program Main Office is located at 71 Allen Street, Suite 402, Rutland. For more information, call 802.747.3768 or email

Quitting Smoking

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