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Consent Forms

During your admissions process, your physician will meet with you to explain the course of treatment for your particular condition. You will be given all of the information you need to make informed decisions about your treatment and care, including potential risks, benefits, complications, likely consequences and alternatives to the proposed treatment.

Your signature on the consent form will give your physician permission to proceed with your treatment. It will also indicate that you understand that results are not guaranteed, and that you have had your questions answered to your satisfaction.

In addition to a consent for treatment, you will also be asked to sign an Assignment of Benefits form saying that you agree to certain conditions of admission, including release of information for continuity of care, a financial agreement, consent to routine procedures, tests and treatments and the assignment of your insurance benefits to the hospital.

Special treatments or procedures such as blood administration, HIV testing or surgery, among others, require that you sign additional specific consent forms.

For questions about admissions, call 802.747.1663 or your physician’s office. 

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