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Pricing Estimates at
Rutland Regional

Pricing Transparency at Rutland Regional

Effective January 1, 2019, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires hospitals to provide a standard charges list for items and services provided. Use the following links to access a patient-friendly pricing file, inpatient services pricing averages file and machine readable Chargemaster file.

*Please note, prices listed should not serve as an estimate or quote. These prices do not represent complete visit cost and do not reflect out-of-pocket expense. If you would like to know the average total cost for a specific visit or procedure or have questions regarding co-payments or deductibles, please contact Financial Counseling at 802.747.1648.

Patient-Friendly Pricing File

Inpatient Services Pricing File

Machine Readable Chargemaster File

You may contact Financial Counseling at 802.747.1648 or via email at to obtain price estimations for services you anticipate having at Rutland Regional Medical Center. Your out-of-pocket expense will depend on your individual insurance coverage (such as co-insurance or deductibles).

We are happy to offer patients who have no insurance a 10% uninsured discount and an additional 20% prompt pay discount if the services are scheduled within 60 days and payment is made prior to appointment. These discounts do not apply to anyone who has insurance and discounts can be reversed if Rutland Regional learns insurances were in effect at the time of service.

Price estimates are provided based on averages, and do not act as a contract or an agreement to provide you with the service at the estimated price. The estimate is to provide you with a general idea of what other patients with similar medical conditions have been charged for similar procedures or treatment.

If you are uninsured and services are prepaid, a final bill will be mailed to you. The final bill will include the actual service provided, the prepaid amount and the remaining balance. If the prepaid payment exceeds the final bill, any over-payment will be applied to open balances with Rutland Regional before a patient refund is issued. If the prepaid payment is less than the final bill, the additional balance will be owed to Rutland Regional.

Why did I Receive a Separate Physician Bill?

You may also receive separate bills from physicians not employed by Rutland Regional. These bills are for professional services rendered by those doctors in radiology, pathology, oncology, anesthesiology and your local Primary Care Provider(s). The Rutland Regional price estimate does not cover any of the services for the following physician groups. The physician groups can be reached the telephone numbers listed below:

Foley Cancer Center:

  • Allan Eisemann, MD 800-367-4521
  • University of Vermont Medical Center for Rick Lovett, MD 800-639-2719


  • Mid Vermont Pathology 855-874-1596

Diagnostic Imaging:

  • Rutland Radiologists 802-770-5172


  • Sheridan Healthcare of Vermont 800-296-2611

Your Local Primary Care Provider(s)

Learn more:

Thank you for choosing Rutland Regional Medical Center for your healthcare needs.

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