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COVID-19 Remains a Threat

The U.S. now has three approved vaccines for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, but the threat from the coronavirus remains.

Vaccination is the safest and fastest way to end the pandemic. Got questions about the vaccine? Check out our page of COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions.

Dr. Lisa Graves-Austin

Rutland Regional Medical Center continues to work hand-in-hand with the Vermont Department of Health to ensure that these vaccines are available throughout our service area.

Even as more people get the vaccine, it's important to keep our focus on preventing the spread. New, more contagious variants of the coronavirus are spreading, putting communities at risk until more people are fully vaccinated.

Here are the things you should continue to do:

  • Get vaccinated as soon as you are able. Schedule it at
  • Wear a mask when you leave your house and when you are around others you don't live with.
  • Stay 6 feet apart from others.
  • Clean your hands often by washing with soap or using hand sanitizer.
  • Observe local and state guidelines around travel and quarantine.

Please remember:

  • Vaccination is the best weapon we have to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Rutland Regional is not making appointments or creating waiting lists for vaccination of the general public.
  • COVID-19 vaccines are rigorously tested before they are released for public use. Learn more about the vaccines on our COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions Page.
  • Don't forget your flu vaccine. Read more from Dr. Rick Hildebrant, MD about why the flu vaccine is critical this flu season.

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