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COVID-19 Testing Information at
Rutland Regional Medical Center

  1. Is COVID-19 testing available at Rutland Regional?
  2. If I have a physician's order and/or an appointment at the Specimen Collection Center through VDH, where do I go to get tested?
    exterior Specimen Collection Center entrance
  3. What should I expect at the testing station?
    • Please park in the Allen Street Parking Lot.

    • Please remain in your car and text or call 802.747.6559 upon arrival.

    • Collection is a painless process. You will be asked to tilt your head back while a swab is inserted into your nostril. The swab will be gently rotated for 15 seconds before being placed into a tube for laboratory testing.

  4. My doctor ordered a pre-surgical COVID-19 test – are there special instructions?
    • IMPORTANT: If you are having a surgical procedure, you need to go directly home after your COVID-19 test and remain there in self-quarantine until your procedure or surgery. Not talking these steps puts you at risk of bringing COVID-19 into the hospital and infecting other patients and staff. It also puts you at risk for having your procedure cancelled!
  5. What kind of COVID-19 testing does Rutland Regional do?
    • There are three kinds of COVID-19 tests available: PCR, antibody and antigen.
    • Rutland Regional only performs PCR tests, which are the gold standard to determine if there is an active infection.
    • The Antigen test is not as sensitive or specific, and can only be used on symptomatic patients. There is a risk of false positives with this test.

    • The Antibody test will show if you have been exposed to COVID-19 but at this time cannot be used as a measure of protection against infection.

  6. When will I get my results?
    • Rutland Regional has partnered with other laboratories to provide more testing for our community. Results are available anywhere from 24-72 hours after collection, depending on where the test is performed.
  7. How will I get my results?
    • If your test was ordered by your primary care provider or done while you were an inpatient here, the results will appear in your Rutland Regional Patient Portal account.
    • If you scheduled the appointment through the VDH website, the results will be provided directly by VDH on their portal. Visit their website to learn more:
      • Please note, Rutland Regional does NOT have access to test results for appointments scheduled through VDH.
    • Your primary care or urgent care provider who ordered the COVID-19 test will receive the results. Results are NOT sent directly to you. Please contact your ordering provider if it has been longer than 72 hours since your collection.
  8. What can I do if I want to get tested but don't have an order from a physician?

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