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What to Expect for Your Surgery

At Rutland Regional we understand that having surgery is never easy. That’s why our surgeons and staff work hard to make your surgical experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. To help prepare you for your surgery, please watch one of the two videos below. One version is for adult patients and the other is for pediatric patients.

Having Joint Replacement Surgery?

If you are having surgery specific to joints, after you've watched the general surgery video below, please be sure to watch the Joint Replacement videos found here:

*Please note, these videos are best viewed using the internet browser Google Chrome. Alternatively, they can be viewed through Microsoft Edge but they generally won't load if using Internet Explorer.*

Your Presurgery Confirmation Call

Whether you are scheduled for an inpatient or outpatient surgical procedure, you'll need to call the Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) at 802.747.1741 between 2-4pm the business day before your scheduled surgery. They will then inform you of your arrival time. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any last-minute questions about how to prepare or what to bring.

On the Day of Your Surgical Procedure

A receptionist will greet you when you arrive at the surgical center and direct you to the appropriate surgery area where you will be prepped for your procedure. Generally one or two loved ones can wait with you during this time.

If your family is waiting at the hospital, they will be directed to the surgical waiting room during your procedure. Your loved ones can also leave a cell phone number so they can be contacted after your procedure is complete. Your surgeon will speak with your family members after your procedure and answer any questions they may have.

If you are having outpatient surgery, you will be taken to the hospital’s ACU where our nurses and staff will be there to assist you. Your family can join you there and remain with you until you are ready to go home.

If you are having inpatient surgery, you will spend time in recovery before being taken to a nursing unit. Your family members will be notified of your room and bed number.

A surgical advocate will be available in both the ACU reception and surgery waiting areas to ensure that all your family members’ questions are answered.

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