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Rutland Regional Medical Center

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Visiting Hours

At Rutland Regional Medical Center, we value families as an important part of the patient care team, and know that the support of loved ones is a key element in the recovery process. Our goal is to create an environment where visitors feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible, while still looking out for the needs of our patients.

  • While we do not list specific visiting hours, we ask that you understand that sleep and rest for your loved one is also an important part of their recovery. The nursing staff may need to restrict visiting hours based on the patient’s condition.
  • If at all possible, we request that only two visitors be allowed in a patient’s room simultaneously, so that the patient can rest. For additional family members or friends, public waiting areas are available throughout the hospital.
  • We also respect the rights and needs of the patient who may be sharing a room with your loved one. For those reasons, we may request that visiting be limited based on the needs of that patient.
  • Should you need to leave the hospital, but want to remain close by, Rutland Regional Medical Center has partnerships with area hotels offering discounted rates for our patients’ family members.

    NOTE: Between the hours of 8pm and 6am, our Main Entrance door is locked. All visitors will need to buzz for entrance and will be asked for their destination via an intercom.

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