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Rutland Regional Medical Center

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See Why Other Nurses Choose Rutland Regional

Nursing Careers

Rutland Regional Medical Center is proud of its nurses. In addition to receiving the Magnet® designation for excellence in nursing from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), our nurses provide high-quality patient care in a variety of specialty areas, including:

As a nurse at Rutland, you will benefit from a number of educational programs and career paths that include education, management and clinical opportunities. We provide the support you need to expand your leadership skills and develop your career in specialized clinical tracks.

Our nurses do more than deliver top-notch medical care – they participate in the administration of the hospital, helping to develop new policies and procedures, implement new technology and improve patient care through shared governance and evidence-based practice.

Why Rutland Regional?

Our nurses are an integral part of our multidisciplinary healthcare team. Empowered and well-respected, they are essential to achieving our goal of delivering compassionate, patient-centered care. Nurses at Rutland Regional receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Excellent salary and benefits packages
  • Magnet designation for excellence in nursing
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Low nurse-to-patient ratio
  • High patient satisfaction with nursing staff
  • Wide variety of key service lines
  • Designated career paths for professional growth
  • Excellent quality of life in the Rutland region
  • The opportunity to make a real difference every day

Nursing Program and Practices

At Rutland Regional, our nurses receive the support they need to be successful and to have authority, accountability and autonomy. Our patients and their families are at the core of our practice model, and our ability to treat and care for these patients is supported by a practice of excellence guided through shared governance.

Our nurses are empowered to make decisions about clinical practice and are involved in a range of administrative initiatives on topics including quality improvement, professional development, work environment and research.

Shared Governance

At Rutland Regional, we believe that our nurses are experts in their field. That’s why we look to our nurses to provide leadership that helps us achieve our vision of being the region’s best community hospital.

Our shared governance model allows our nurses to participate in decision-making that affects the delivery of nursing care. Our Center of Nursing Excellence, organized via council structure, gives our nursing staff the opportunity to shape the core elements of our nursing practice by:

  • Ensuring the quality of nursing care delivered to our community
  • Providing the structure for nursing staff to lead and direct the practice of professional nursing
  • Promoting a unique identity of nursing to the organization and the community
  • Reinforcing personal and professional pride in nursing
  • Strengthening the integration of research and evidence-based practice
  • Providing a base for decisionmaking on practice-related issues
  • Providing a base for recruitment and retention-related activities
  • Integrating all nursing educational programs
  • Communicating the accomplishments of nursing staff

Our Nursing Councils include:

  • Professional Care and Development Council
  • Quality Improvement and Professional Practice Council
  • Research Council
  • Staffing Council
  • Coordinating Council

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