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Weekend Hours for Your Convenience!

Rutland Regional makes it easy for you to schedule your yearly mammogram. We offer Saturday appointments, in addition to our convenient weekday hours. To schedule a mammogram, call 802.747.1880.

Get Your Mammogram

Annual screening mammograms are an important part of women's health. Rutland Regional is offering extended and weekend hours to ensure patients can get in and get their mammograms done.

Screening & Diagnostics

Mammograms are one of the most important tools to help you maintain optimal breast health. Studies show that having screening mammograms at recommended intervals can detect changes in breast tissue, such as cancerous and precancerous abnormalities, as early as two years before they can be felt during an exam.

If you received an abnormal result on your screening mammogram, you can trust the experts at Rutland’s Breast Care Program to efficiently and accurately diagnose the problem. In addition to diagnosing your condition quickly, our specially trained radiologists, imaging specialists, pathologists and physicians work together to develop an effective, personalized treatment plan for you.

Advanced 3D Breast Mammography

Rutland Regional’s breast care specialists use the newest generation of 3D mammography technology available in Vermont. Two 3D mammography machines were installed in the summer of 2018 into newly appointed examination rooms, designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. 

This new technology uses low dose radiation to provide the best available imaging of the breast tissue. This increases the accuracy of the scan. 

Bone Density Testing

With your convenience in mind, we make it easy for you to schedule a bone density test at the same time as your mammogram. Our mammography technicians are specially trained to use the latest DXA scan technology to screen for bone density problems such as osteoporosis.

Diagnostic Services

We use the latest technology and diagnostic methods to provide a range of diagnostic services, including:

Diagnostic mammogram

A diagnostic mammogram is a test performed by an imaging technician that captures X-rays from multiple angles to focus on suspicious breast tissue. A diagnostic mammogram is more extensive and takes more time than a screening mammogram.

Breast ultrasound

A breast ultrasound uses sound waves to look at your breast’s internal structures and blood flow and to distinguish solid masses from fluid-filled cysts.

Breast MRI

A breast MRI uses a magnetic field, radio waves and advanced computer imaging to produce detailed images of your breast, the surrounding tissues, nearby bones and other body structures. A breast MRI can be used to pinpoint the exact size and location of a tumor and can be helpful in presurgical or radiation therapy planning.

Minimally invasive biopsy

During a minimally invasive biopsy, a radiologist will use a needle to remove a small piece of suspicious breast tissue, which will be examined by a pathologist. If a more extensive biopsy procedure is required, it will be performed by a surgeon with the assistance of a radiologist.

Convenience, Comfort and Support

At Rutland Regional, we make it easy for you to receive the breast care you need in a comfortable and supportive environment. We offer convenient weekday and Saturday mammogram appointments and are often able to schedule your mammogram within 10 business days. Our specialists strive to make screening results available within 24 hours.

Because mammograms can sometimes be uncomfortable, Rutland Regional uses a special coverlet called a bell blanket to reduce discomfort without affecting image quality.

If our mammography specialists find an abnormality, we will do everything we can to reduce your wait and worry by quickly referring you to one of our specialists at Rutland’s Foley Cancer Center for further evaluation and testing.

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