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Cancer Treatment at
Rutland Regional

Receive the region’s most comprehensive cancer treatment at Rutland Regional Medical Centers Foley Cancer Center. Whether your cancer requires chemotherapy, radiation therapy or other treatment options, your oncologist and cancer team create an individualized care plan specific to your journey.

Advanced Chemotherapy

In chemotherapy, you work with a board-certified medical oncologist, oncology nurses and dedicated physician assistants who specialize in administering advanced chemotherapy drugs via infusion to treat cancer and relieve pain.

Clinical Trials

You and your doctor may choose to participate in clinical trials, offering additional cancer treatment options. In fact, many of today’s cancer treatments are the result of clinical trials.

Innovative Radiation Therapy

Access sophisticated technology and compassionate care under one roof in the radiation labs at Foley Cancer Center. Your doctor may recommend radiation therapy using:

  • Varian Triology Linear Accelerator – Provides precise, efficient treatments
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) – Treats tumors that are difficult to reach, providing higher-dose radiation while protecting surrounding tissue

Your doctor may recommend treatment with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). This advanced radiation delivery system treats tumors that are difficult to reach, providing higher dose irradiation while protecting surrounding tissue.

Meet Your Care Team

As a patient of the Foley Cancer Center, you work hand-in-hand with a multidisciplinary team that guides you through diagnosis, treatment, recovery and beyond. Your team may include:

Certified breast patient navigator

Registered nurse who guides, supports and coordinates breast health and breast cancer care; certified in imaging, cancer and clinical breast exams

Medical dosimetrist

Radiation team member who designs a treatment plan and technique to deliver your prescribed radiation dose

Medical oncologist

Board-certified physician specializing in treating cancer with chemotherapy

Medical physicist

Radiation team member who assists with your diagnosis and treatment

Oncology nurse

Registered nurse trained to care for cancer patients and work collaboratively with physicians; may have an advanced-practice degree or certifications for administering chemotherapy and performing exams

Physician assistant (PA)

Health care professional with degrees certified the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants; collaborates with physicians to provide services, including physical exams, ordering and interpreting tests, and administering treatment

Radiation oncologist

Board-certified physician who specializes in treating cancer with radiation therapy

Radiation therapist

Therapist with a degree specializing in radiation therapy and responsible for administering radiation treatments

Research data manager

Health care professional who manages clinical trial data and results

Research nurse

Nurse who recruits, enrolls and manages patients involved in research studies

Social worker

Master’s level professional who provides counseling services, referrals to community resources, and help with transportation, discharge and home care issues.

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