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Chemotherapy Services at
Rutland Regional

chemo therapy

Your chemotherapy treatment at Foley Cancer Center begins with a conversation between you and your chemotherapy team of doctors, physician assistants and nurses, all experienced in meeting your unique needs.

How Does Chemotherapy Work?

At Foley Cancer Center, chemotherapy is administered through a process called infusion, which delivers cancer-fighting drugs to your bloodstream through a port, or catheter. Your treatment visit can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours. These infusions may also help relieve cancer treatment pain.

Support & Education

Rely on a dedicated team that’s always available to provide care and support, answer your questions and help you cope with side effects.

Pharmaceutical Services

You’ll receive visits from the oncology pharmacists to answer questions and concerns about your medications. Private consultations are available as needed.

Comfortable Chemotherapy Rooms

Your chemotherapy treatment is designed for comfort, featuring bright windows, reclining chairs, personal televisions and access to free Wi-Fi in our Infusion Center. Beds are available if you want to sleep during your treatment.

If you’d like to watch a movie or listen to music during your treatment, bring headphones so as not to disturb other patients.

Chemotherapy Visitors

Chemotherapy rooms accommodate one visitor per patient. Adult family and friends are encouraged to visit. For safety reasons, children are generally not allowed, though special requests are considered in extenuating circumstances.

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