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Rutland Regional Medical Center

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Emergency Department

doctor with patient in the Emergency Room

If you need emergency care, the specialists at Rutland Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department are available 24/7 to provide you with advanced care – close to home and as quickly as possible.

Our board-certified emergency physicians and specially trained emergency nurses have the skills required to quickly diagnose and treat a range of emergency conditions, from life-threatening heart attacks and strokes to cuts and broken bones.

To ensure that you receive a quick diagnosis and effective treatment, we offer priority access to Rutland Regional’s laboratory and diagnostic imaging services – including CT scans, X-rays and MRIs – for all Emergency Department patients. Additionally, our general surgeons are always on call should you need expert surgical care.

Emergency Care

When you arrive at Rutland Regional’s Emergency Department, you will be evaluated by an experienced triage nurse. If you are suffering from a less-acute injury or illness, you will be directed to a specialized Fast Track treatment area where you will receive the care you need, quickly and effectively.

If you arrive by ambulance and require immediate treatment for a life-threatening condition, you will enter the Emergency Department through a special entrance. Our skilled emergency care specialists will immediately work to stabilize your condition and will transfer you to one of our partner hospitals if you have experienced severe trauma or require complex surgery.

Hospital Admission

If you need to be admitted to Rutland Regional for additional treatment, our bedside registration process will help make your transition as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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