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Patient Stories from the ED

Rick, North Clarendon, VT

Patient story, EDRick is looking forward to retirement at the end of next year though it is not because he wants to take it easy. Not even close. "I keep busy for sure," said Rick. "Between hunting, fishing, playing golf and bowling with my wife, I’ve got plenty to do still.”

In a split second, one day this past October, much of Rick's active retirement was in question after a painful accident involving a saw at his home in Clarendon. "I was working on cutting wood to shim up the utility trailer in the yard and I reached my hand to grab the wood and somehow grabbed the running saw. I thought I lost my hand."

His wife Susan reacted quickly and wrapped his hand and Rick was on his way to Rutland Regional Medical Center. Help was there immediately. "Within a minute of walking in the door a receptionist fast tracked me to exam room #1 and in moments I was seen by Robert Mitchell, a physician’s assistant, who quickly assessed my injury. Next thing I knew a nurse was cleaning me up to prepare my hand to be stitched.

The entire visit, from beginning to end was less than 90 minutes. "I was home with daylight still in the sky," he said. "And I only missed two days of work!"

Rick is also an active deacon in the church across the street from his home and he was especially pleased to be able to attend services the Sunday following his accident. As a full-time Rutland County Deputy Sheriff, Rick has seen his fair share of accidents involving injuries and he can appreciate how quickly things can happen. "One minute you’re working around the house, the next minute you think you’ve lost your hand. Things can really happen in an instant, in a split second." 

After his treatment the medical team carefully explained how he should care of the wound and told him what to expect in terms of potential numbness and scarring. "They really took the time with me. And the amazing part was how nicely everything healed. I’m not looking to be a hand model, but my hand looks good!"

The quick thinking and treatment by the Rutland Regional Medical Center Emergency Department (ED) team helped Rick keep full use of his hand and fingers and to heal nicely.

Weeks later he returned to the ED to have the stitches removed and Dr. Josh Harris tended to him. "The follow-up with Dr. Harris was great! He took the stitches out, was encouraging, had a great sense of humor and really made me feel comfortable and taken care of. I was able to ask questions and he invited me to call if I had any other questions. Excellent customer service."

Though Rick's hand modelling career may never take off, he is assured that his active lifestyle will continue long after he retires and perhaps his best golf game, bowling game or largest catch are still ahead.

Brigitte, Huntington, NY

"While on vacation, my daughter had to be taken to the ED for a severe headache.

I wanted to send a note about how kind and patient the ED staff was to me and my daughter. Dr. Graham, in particular, was compassionate, patient and knowledgeable. He kindly explained the course of action to me several times, as I was having difficulty absorbing the information. No matter how many repeat questions or how many times he had to explain the treatment steps, he remained calm and professional. He also patiently explained the situation to my husband via phone. He was the reason I was able to remain calm and made us feel very comfortable.

Dr. Graham, the PA and the RN, Tim treated us with care and respect. Your hard work and caring natures meant so much to a worried out-of-town mom. They made a positive difference and we thank RRMC."

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