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Audiology Care

Hearing Rehabilitation Program
at Rutland Regional

Audiologist with patient

Rutland Regional’s Hearing Rehabilitation Program provides you with the expert services you need to manage your hearing loss. We will evaluate the extent of your hearing loss and help you find the hearing aid that is right for you. 

Hearing Aid Evaluation

A comprehensive hearing evaluation and ear exam are the first steps toward restoring your healthy hearing.

Our audiologists will conduct a thorough hearing evaluation to determine the extent of your hearing loss. We will accept hearing evaluations from other medical professionals that have been completed within the past six months. We do not accept hearing screenings from retail hearing aid locations.

Our specialists, guided by federal law, strongly recommend that you receive a complete ear examination by your primary care physician or one of our qualified specialists to ensure that you are able to safely wear a hearing aid.

Choosing a Hearing Aid

We understand that hearing aids can be a significant investment. That’s why we are committed to providing you with education, information and support to help you select the device that is right for you.

Our specialists will meet with you for a one-on-one education session and provide you with important information, including:

  • A review of your hearing evaluation results
  • A demonstration of the latest technology
  • An overview of our hearing aid program
  • Details on technology, styles and prices

Selecting a hearing aid is a big decision, so we encourage you to bring a loved one with you to your education session. If you need additional time to make your decision, you can contact us at your convenience with your order or with any additional questions you may have.

After you decide which hearing aid to purchase, your audiologist will provide you with an all-inclusive price and a detailed product overview.

Using a Hearing Aid

During your hearing aid fitting, your audiology specialist will ensure that your hearing aid fits comfortably and is programmed properly before accepting your payment for the device. We encourage you to bring a loved one to your hearing aid fitting because you will receive additional information, including:

  • Care and use instructions for your hearing aid
  • Battery type and use
  • Realistic expectations for your hearing aid

Vermont law requires that hearing aid consumers have at least a 45-day trial period during which they can return the device if it is not satisfactory. Rutland Regional ENT & Audiology extends this trial period to 60 days to allow you to fully adjust to your new hearing aid.

During your 60-day trial period, you will meet with your audiologist to share your experiences while using the device. Based on your feedback, your audiologist will adjust your device to fit your lifestyle and your degree of hearing loss.

Hearing Aids

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