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Sports Medicine

Hannah Wright's Story

Hannah Wright playing lacrosse

A two-sport varsity athlete, in lacrosse and Nordic skiing, Hannah Wright has always been on top of her game. So when she tore her ACL during a college lacrosse practice, she chose the orthopaedists at Rutland Regional to get her back to doing what she loves...safely and at peak performance.

A Rutland native who attends Bowdoin College, Hannah prepared for her surgery by doing 6 weeks of outpatient pre-operative rehabilitation. After her surgery, performed by the surgeons from Rutland's Vermont Orthopaedic Clinic, Hannah spent her summer doing her post surgical rehab at Rutland Regional, getting ready to return to school and competition.

The therapists at Rutland created a program for Hannah that addressed her specific needs. “They took the time to listen to my goals, doing whatever they could to get me into shape. They pushed me to my limit, creating new exercises for me to improve my core strength and even showing me new running methods. They really took me seriously.”

Hannah's therapists also did their best to make rehab fun. Understanding that injury, surgery and rehab can be emotionally challenging, especially for people who are used to being active, the rehabilitation group helped Hannah stay strong and positive. “The rehab center had a great atmosphere of camaraderie. The therapists did a wonderful job of being encouraging and making rehab something I actually looked forward to throughout my summer.”

Back at school, Hannah finished her rehab at Bowdoin, using the program created for her at Rutland Regional. She raced competitively and played lacrosse in the spring. Go Hannah!

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