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Published on November 30, 2018

Gifts from the Heart

Emma BryantIn a world where negative stories dominate the news cycle, small acts of kindness become all the more meaningful to us.

Emma Bryant, a senior at Granville Jr. /Sr. High School in Granville, New York in many aspects, is a typical high school senior, busy with extracurricular activities and planning her college future. Emma, however, has also struggled with various health issues over the past several years, which have led to frequent hospitalizations. These challenges have motivated her to create and donate special gifts for young people going through related experiences; a gift that will help ease their pain and also distract them from the long waits in the hospital.

Emma decided on crafting hot packs to donate to Rutland Regional Medical Center, fashioned in bright colored materials and wrapped with a bow. These packs are filled with feed corn and can be placed in a microwave or freezer. Emma had been given a similar hot pack during her IV treatments and discovered it lessened her discomfort in the IV site. Each hot pack was accompanied with an iTunes or Amazon Gift Card.

This soon became a “family project” involving Emma’s Grandmother who taught her how to sew the heat packs, and siblings Hanna and Keegan, who helped fill the packs with corn. According to Emma, “Many generous members of the community donated money to help purchase the iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards.

To date, she has donated 75 hot pack, iTunes, and Amazon Gift Cards. In reflecting on her donations, she said, “It felt great to make the donations to RRMC and knowing I was doing something positive to help others. I would encourage young people to think about the challenges they have faced and do something for others going through a similar situation.

Emma is currently participating in a program called New Visions Health Career Exploration and intends to pursue a career in the medical field.

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