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Published on March 09, 2018

Trip's Bell

Trip and Dr. Lovett

Rutland Regional Medical Center is fortunate to benefit from the generosity of donors in support of hospital programs and services. Gifts have special meaning to the donors who give them, and positively impact patients, and many times, our physicians and staff. This sentiment rang true for a recent donation to the Foley Cancer Center, from a thoughtful donor, Charles “Trip” Willis. We are pleased to share the story behind Trip’s special donation.

I spent most of the summer receiving radiation treatments at Rutland Regional's Foley Cancer Center. It was nearing the end of my treatments when I looked up at my doctor and asked where is the bell one rings after completion of their treatments? Having read about the bell and having seen patients on TV ring the bell I inquired about its location. I was informed that there wasn’t any bell to be rung.

Shortly afterwards while visiting friends in Maine I was determined to find a bell for the hospital. My wife and I combed many stores and antique shops looking for one. Near the end of our visit we stopped at a roadside antique dealer. We looked to no avail until he invited us into his basement – and there it was – a beautiful brass bell in perfect condition. We bought it the next day and brought it home to show Dr. Lovett, his staff, and the hospital administration.

Giving of the bell at Foley Cancer Center

Trip Willis and the staff at Foley Cancer Center

Everyone thought it was great and so the process of finding the right location, getting it mounted, and receiving the proper approvals began.”

Rutland Regional has named the bell Trip’s Bell, and placed it prominently in an accessible location within the Foley Cancer Center. A brief ceremony was held in the Foley Cancer Center in mid-February, to celebrate the bell, and its meaning for patients.

The bell has been well received and already rung by many of the patients who have finished their treatments.

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