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Planned Giving

“Those who make a bequest are like people who plant shade trees under which
they will never sit.”
Adapted by Ruth Chalmers

A planned gift is by definition a gift that is created in the present, but allocated for the future. With a planned gift from your estate, you can help Rutland Regional Medical Center continue to make what we do today even better tomorrow.

How to Get Started

A) Allows me to see my gifts in action during my lifetime

Financial benefit that most interests me is:

  1. Obtaining an income tax deduction
    • Outright gift of cash, appreciated securities or real estate,
      or tangible personal property
  2. Eliminating or Reducing Capital Gains Tax
    • Gift of appreciated securities, real estate or personal property
  3. Giving without affecting my disposable income
    • Gifts of Life Insurance
    • Gift of tangible personal property
  4. Creating a secure financial future for my family

B) Leaves a legacy to benefit the hospital's mission after my lifetime

Financial Benefit that most interests me is:

  1. Receiving regular payments for myself, my spouse or a loved one
  2. Retaining Flexibility control of my assets
  3. Saving on estate taxes
  4. Obtaining an income tax deduction

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